Understand your audience like never before.

Use an innovative platform to collect and analyze data, powered by interactive tools that adapt technologies to needs. Develop your research and interact directly with your panel.

Customize your research and dialogue with your panel.

Customize your

Combine quantitative and qualitative methodologies in a single project, in a simple and intuitive way. Use our interactive tools to design your own project including surveys, discussion forums, consumer diaries and online communities. Share videos, images and dialogue with your panel.

Time for Smart Data

  • Graphics and heatmaps to visualize the results of your project
  • Segmentation and custom reports
  • Conditionals
  • Historic information of previous researches
Segmentation and custom reports
Build your own online community, or we will do it for you.

Real people
behind real answers

  • For massive research, we have a network of panelists of more than 6,000,000 people, distributed in Latin America and Spain. Start building your own online community.
  • For projects that require customized recruitment, we have specific segmentations, within a base of participants we trust. We prioritize our relationship with them, which allows us to get to know them in depth and understand their habits and interests.

Unique tailor-made technologies

Comunidad online

Online Community

Sequence and manage activities, moderate discussions and generate polls in an audience specially selected for your research

Diarios de consumo

Consumption Diaries

Get to know the daily behavior of your audience by coordinating activities for them to carry out at the time and moment that you think is convenient

Cuestionarios interactivos

Interactive polls

Choose from a wide variety of options for your project including open responses, multiple choice, heat maps, rankings, reactions to photos, videos or phrases, among others

Muestras omnibus

Large-volume Polls

Program large-volume and immediate-response projects and segment by sociodemographic variables



Request recruitment of high volume or personalized respondents.

Programación personalizadaACCEPT

Custom programming

Customize your projects according to your needs through our team of professional developers

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